Billy Bush and trump

What’s wrong with this picture? One man loses his job on a TV show for being a minor participant in a dirty conversation. The one who was actually guilty of a foul mouth should lose his job, too, right? Wouldn’t that be justice?

That is especially true when that man’s job is running for president of the United States. Apparently Republicans don’t have values as lofty as those of our entertainment industry.

trump gets away with worse than that. His racism is blatant. His irresponsibility is babyish. his business dealings are crooked. He openly encourages violence. And now he is trying to destroy one of the most fundamental institutes of a democracy: the voting booth.

donald trump has no moral right to seek leadership in a democracy. And his supporters have no moral right to encourage him and especially to vote for him. There is no excuse for being a trump supporter.

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The Danger of trump

I strongly urge you to read the following, which echoes my conviction that trump is a more serious threat to the US than ISIS can ever hope to be:

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trump’s predatory behavior

It doesn’t really matter much if the women accusing trump of sexual assault are telling the truth because trump’s own words damn him. He has a lifetime of bragging about his conquests. If it was all talk and no action, he is guilty of juvenile boasting over nothing. The fact that he is juvenile at his age is more than enough evidence that he is not fit for the responsibilities of the presidency. He simply hasn’t grown up yet.

Who would vote for a little kid to be president?

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trump Brings Out the Worst in People

Over the course of many years of offering premarital counseling with couples, I learned one of the simplest tests for determining the health of the relationship: Do you bring out the best in one another?

If the relationship does not encourage you, free you, challenge you to be the best person you can be, it is not a good foundation for marriage.

Can there be one human being on this planet who believes trump is bringing out the best in America? His fuel is hatred; his motivation is ego; his popularity is his approval of racism and selfishness.

The Republicans, especially since the rise of the Tea Party, has been trying to return us the pre-Civil War era (or, to use a prettier phrase, the Ante-Bellum period). By nature, a conservative wants to slow the pace of change. The Republicans are no longer conservative. They are regressives. trump’s extremism is nothing more than the exposure of what the Republican Party has become.

We are reaping the fruit of their backward thinking — trump wants to push us back to the Middle Ages so that he can be the all-powerful feudal lord.

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trump’s Fear of Accountability

trump, like all tyrants, believes he is accountable to no one. That is an extremely deep, serious, nearly psychotic disturbance within his psyche/soul.

He believes he could stand on Fifth Avenue, shoot someone at random, and not lose a single voter. That is, he does not believe his supporters will hold him accountable for any moral standards whatsoever.

When faced with the reality that not all people are willing to give him a free pass, the tyrant will turn immediately to scapegoating. And that is what we are now seeing multiple times each day from trump. The system is rigged, all charges are made up by his opponents, there is a powerful conspiracy against him, maybe there are many conspiracies, and on and on he goes, demonstrating with every sentence that he has no sense of accountability to anyone or to any set of moral standards. Every problem is someone else’s fault. He is, to put the matter as kindly as possible, not a decent person.

People have laughed at him for years because they thought him harmless. Now that laughter is proving to have been the fuel for a growing monster within him. And he is no longer laughable — he is truly dangerous. He is already harming America by his irresponsible words and, I fear, the harm is going to get much worse after he is defeated.

Just as America’s amusement with the spoiled little rich kid fed a large rotten beast within his breast, so is trump’s meanness freeing the meanness in a large portion of our population. He works harder everyday not to be elected — surely everyone knows that is not going to happen — but to stir up rebellion in America, including violent action against America’s political leaders.

In 1919 Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes delivered an opinion in Schenck v. US in which he established the principle of a clear and present danger. That is, freedom of speech can be limited when the intended or unavoidable result of that speech is criminal activity. Under that standard, it seems to me that trump is making himself more and more treasonous.

We already know that he is a moral cesspool. And we know he is a crooked businessman. Now it is becoming inescapable that he is – not just will be but already is — an enemy of the United States.


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Is trump Tired of Winning?

trump promised us that he is such a winner that we Americans will get tired of always winning after he becomes president.

Judging from the way things are going for trump these days, it seems trump himself must have grown tired of winning. He’s trying things on the other side of the fence now, losing day by day, and daily making a fool of himself. . .while bragging about how great things are going for him.

Yep, he must have grown tired of winning.

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Pence at Liberty

Poor Mike Pence — or anyone else connected with trump — has to be very creative in finding ways to minimize the daily damage reports about their candidate. Now he is at Liberty University, founded by Jerry Falwell and now led by Jerry Falwell Jr. The younger Falwell is a pistol packing college president who has long supported trump.

Pence has called on the students to exercise Christian forgiveness. I have two problems with his plea.

First, a presidential candidate who needs daily forgiveness, often for being truly gross and mean, ought never to be elected. Anyone who tries to help him be elected is guilty of sinfully aiding and abetting a moral criminal. Those who naively believe the apologies and promises of an addict are guilty of enabling the addict to remain unrepentant.

Second, flowing from the first, forgiveness for major sin requires repentance. If I’m asking to rent a room in your house and tell you I have a history of murdering landlords, wouldn’t you want some sign of repentance, some solid reason for believing I’ll never do it again? What if I assure you I’m not like that anymore? Would that help? Of course not. Serious sin requires not just regret, not just the words of an apology, and certainly not just an apology accompanied by saying someone else once did worse (e.g. Bill Clinton) and by a dismissal that the sin really didn’t mean much anyway (e.g., such as “It was just locker room talk”).

trump has told us he has never apologized for anything and has never seen the need to ask God to forgive him. What in the world would cause anyone to believe his totally inadequate “apologies” over the weekend?

Jesus said we are to be wise as serpents, innocent as doves. Pence wants us to be foolish innocents who blindly scatter God’s grace like flower petals from a big basket. That’s not wisdom.

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