The Children in Washington

This is my first post since surgery in early July. The recovery has been slow but real. I’ve not been able to do much reading because of fatigue but my mind has continued to mull things over in quiet ways.

Much of my recent mulling, of course, has been centered around the prospect of a government shutdown, which has now become a reality. Each side in the debate has rushed to prove its own immaturity by playing the childish game of blaming the other person. Years and years of offering pastoral counseling have made it clear to me that those who focus on blaming others are simply refusing to accept responsibility for themselves.

There is plenty of cause to blame both Democrats and Republicans for the inexcusable mess in Washington but, in the matter of this shutdown, it has been clear for several months that Republicans have been itching for this failure, hoping the public will blame the Democrats. There is no plausible reason why budget, debt ceiling, and the Affordable Care Act should be tied together. It is simple dishonesty on the part of the Right.

The Tea Party, which has bullied its way into influence, has proven to be profoundly un-American, rejecting the unambiguous results of democratic elections. They have wanted to send America back to the period before the Civil War, despising the twin results of that awful War: the freeing of the slaves and the affirmation that the national government has precedence over the states’ rights.

At the same time, though history has proven time and again that Big Business left unfettered is an agent of repression, the Right claims our best hope to is remove government restrictions on Big Business. Have none of them been watching America’s financial story in the last ten years? Are they truly as blind as it seems? Have they not noticed that the wealthiest have profited immeasurably from the suffering their greed has imposed on the majority of Americans?

I do not believe there is any excuse for anyone today to trust that our largest and wealthiest institutions are our best job creators. They evidence against such blind faith is blatantly obvious.

Hmmm, seems the surgeons removed not only some of my insides but also some of my subtlety. . .or maybe I’m just frustrated by this utterly irresponsible shutdown.  I so wish we would send some grownups to lead us in Washington.


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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2 Responses to The Children in Washington

  1. rrredmeat says:

    Are Republicans the new Democrats?

    Remember how in the 90′s Democrats used to whine and complain that Republicans won battle after battle because they were better organised, more disciplined and more ruthless? Well maybe the boot is on the other foot now…

    The budget / Obama-care battle is looking like one that will (sadly) be a victory for the Dems. Poll after poll shows that voters will blame the GOP for the shut down. Which is why Boehner desperately wanted to avoid this battle and save his fire for the debt ceiling fight which is just around the corner. But could he control his caucus? No. Well, not nearly as effectively as Harry Reid controlled his. Not a single Dem senator broke ranks on the budget fight, even the “red state” ones who are facing tough re-election battles and could be hurt by this.

    If Boehner had had his way, then the GOP in the house would have avoided this fight and instead been alive and well to win the debt ceiling fight. But he couldn’t control his flock as well as Reid controls his.

    So we will bleed centre-ish support over this fight instead of scoring valuable points in a totally win-able debt ceiling battle…

    And by being totally inflexible on any compromise to the budget, Reid has ruthlessly forced the first of these two big battles to be fought on terrain that favours him and will thus deliver a well-thought out victory for our Democrat friends.

    • mthayes42 says:

      The Republicans could very easily have avoided this shutdown simply by disentangling budget issues from ACA issues. They prefer to damage the economy and the working folk rather than compromise like adults. I cannot conceive of any possible way to justify their refusal to deal with the two issues separately.

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