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Downton Abbey

One of the Christmas gifts I received is the set of Downton Abbey DVDs. I am really delighted because I’ve found it to be an extraordinary series for a number of reasons. The storyline itself is interesting (more on that … Continue reading

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A Life of Faith

I’m back from another stint in the hospital. I seem to have uncooperative kidneys! The whole experience has been for me a good and healthy challenge for my faith. When we face no difficulties, the words of faith come easily. … Continue reading

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Looking for the Beauty

I enjoyed tonight’s PBS presentation of the annual Christmas Festival from Bethel University in St. Paul. I often had tears in my eyes during the beautiful choral and orchestral music. Some of the tears were from the simple joy of … Continue reading

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Honoring the Children of Sandy Hook

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Newtown shootings. It is marred — if such an occasion can be made worse — by yesterday’s school shooting in Colorado. In my mind it is also tainted by the awful realization … Continue reading

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Back in the Hospital

Sorry for the inactivity in my blog. I’m still fighting a kidney problem and have been at Mayo for several days. I’m returning today. I would very greatly appreciate your prayer. . . Mike

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US Education

Recent international tests (known as the Pisa Tests) show the US to be below average in educating our children. At 36th place in mathematics, we rank below such intellectual powerhouses as Viet Nam, which was 17th. If I could find … Continue reading

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STEM and the Humanities

“Only 7.6 percent of  American college students majored in the humanities in 2010,” according to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (cited in Christian Century, Aug 2013). Many more are studying Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (the STEM courses). … Continue reading

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