Climate Change

The Americana Academy for the Advancement of Science, a highly respected association, has produced another report concerning climate change. It is the group’s strongest call to date for a significant change in human behavior in order to reduce harmful emissons.

There are two key questions being debated. First, is the climate actually changing in ways that are unusually and substantially dangerous for our planet and for life on this planet? I wish I could say that I’m baffled by those who deny such claims but in truth I think they have a clear reason for their doubt: Believing in the dangers of climate change would cost more than they are willing to pay. They are fooling themselves in order to protect simple greed. They are willing to devastate the planet rather than pay or compromise to reduce harmful emissions. Shame on them and shame on the Republican party for pampering to them.

Second, are the changes really being significantly exacerbated by humans or are they simply part of the normal cycles of the planet? I suppose there is a very slight chance that the current warming trend is natural and unavoidable but there is a far greater chance that we are making matters much worse. Why is earthkeeping so distasteful to some people? Can we not accept responsibility for our planet?

When our Creator entrusted the earth to us, there was no word about us being free to do whatever we feel like with it. The earth is the Lord’s and we are the caretakers. I cannot understand why Christians, therefore, are not at the very forefront of the various movements to care for Planet Earth. It seems inexcusable to me.



About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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