Cruz Is Running

Ted Cruz told an audience last week that “The Obama economy is a disaster. Obamacare is a train wreck, and the Obama Clinton foreign policy of leading from behind. The whole world’s on fire.”

Is any of that true? If so, what would he do better?

Is the economy a wreck? Two of our biggest problems are the split between the wealthy and the middle class and the movement of big employers overseas. Ted Cruz, of course, favoring deregulation and opposing any kind of policy which limits the ability of the wealthy to gouge the rest of our nation, would make that problem far worse. The old idea that the wealthy are the job creators has been thoroughly debunked by the evidence of the last 7 years. The wealthy have increased their wealth and less has trickled down than ever. I cannot conceive how anyone could still believe the wealthy will create jobs for Americans, especially in light of the second issue.

Major companies have sent their work overseas, to the detriment of America. Sometimes they are dodging taxes — which Cruz would like to see drastically reduced — but just as often, if not more, they are looking for cheap labor. Cruz and the Republicans in general seem to have a solution for that, too: Break up the unions so that the workers have to settle for far less pay.

Have they learned nothing from watching how we have made enemies in Cuba and Latin America by taking advantage of their low wages? Cruz would make America the enemy even of our own low paid workers.

The Republicans like to boast of America’s greatness, even while actually treating America as if it were too weak and too lacking in compassion to care for any but the wealthy. They want us to live by the law of the jungle — survival of the fittest — rather than become a truly civilized people. Even when unemployment was at very high levels a few years ago, they kept repeating the mantra that the unemployed were lazy and should get to work. What sense did that make? There were simply fewer jobs available.

How can anyone say Obamacare is train wreck? Is Cruz still trapped in the bag of lies the Republicans used in trying so hard to make Obamacare fail? Obviously America did not buy the Republican dishonesty and Obamacre is doing quite well.

Foreign policy, that of America and all the rest of the West, is truly struggling.  Cruz and his ilk still think that if we throw enough money and manpower at a foreign problem, we can overpower any enemy. Has he learned nothing from history? The British army could not defeat a ragtag American army that specialized in small, quick raids. The mighty American army was impotent against the North Viet Namese guerrillas.  Any army that dares to meet us head on will be crushed. But no army in the world is going to try that any more. Guerrilla fighters must be outsmarted, not outgunned.

I believe Ted Cruz will be beaten up by the campaign and in the end will be not just running, but on the run. He deserves no less. His incompetence is unmistakable.


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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