Robins Caught in the Snows of Spring in Minnesota

As I sit now in my study, I can here robins chatting to one another. I can even translate what they’re saying, at least well enough to get the general idea. One says to the other, “I thought you said it was time to move north. You didn’t say anything about having seven inches of snow on the ground.” And the other is responding, “I didn’t make you come. You could have stayed south.” But their little squabble isn’t to serious, I think, because they aren’t bothering to leave.

The robins have come, the trees have just begun to bud, the days are longer than the nights. How can we not begin anticipating the glorious rebirth of Springtime? We look for hints of green. Snow is beautiful. . .in December. But now we want green. We want that reminder that the seasons keep cycling through their annual schedule, that life is about to erupt into greens and yellows and reds and purples. After months of three colors –white, gray, black — our eyes are going to feast on colors.

We always know spring will come, just as we always know that with God goodness and justice and love and grace will triumph in the end. Were we to lose that assurance, we would lose hope. And without hope we lose our sense of tomorrow and end up thinking today is the only reality. I suppose for those who do not believe in God, that makes some kind of sense. But once God has touched our hearts, once he has revealed to us even the tiniest hint of who he is and what he is like, once we respond with a small mustard-seed of faith, then we know today is not the limit of reality.

Yesterday is a treasured memory, as real in our hearts as if it were today. And tomorrow is as anticipated as Christmas morning because we know the Giver of all good gifts. We know we are loved and cherished, valued and held dear, by the one who is creating our tomorrow.

Will it be a day of spring snow, plunging us back into a world of stark black and white? That’s okay because, no matter how hard it is, tomorrow is always just a stepping stone to the next day. Maybe tomorrow will be a day of warm sunshine, deep blue skies, a hundred singing birds, and bright yellow tulips.

Oddly enough, when we are freed to enjoy each day whatever it brings, we are also called away from counting the days. We are called to enjoy not just our life but our Lord. His is the beauty that surpasses all else. His is the power that puts even the worst days into perspective. His is the love that brings to our hearts peace, joy, and overflowing love.

You don’t know that about him yet? Just ask him to show you. Just ask.

About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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