Fatigue in the Electorate

As I watch the Republicans in Washington stumble from one foolish thing to another, demonstrating an amazing ineptitude for leadership, I keep asking myself, “How can America have elected such incompetent people?”

As I’ve mentioned before, there are two consideration in choosing our leaders: Their view and their abilities. Conservatives seem unable to evaluate the latter because they are so obsessed with the former. That’s part of the problem.

Maybe even more importantly, it seems to me that the last several years of juvenile squabbling have enraged a portion of the electorate but simply discouraged and worn out the greater majority. I think of the elections last November, which thrilled the Republicans because of their victories, and wonder why so few people voted, so few in fact that the election didn’t even reflect the opinions of the majority of Americans. (Notice that in every state, when specific issues were on the ballot, the conservative view was rejected.)

I turned to the Mighty Oracle of Truth,Wikipedia, this morning and read this: “The November midterm election became the most expensive in history, with total spending reaching $3.7 billion (including spending by outside entities), while producing the lowest turnout since 1942.” That does not speak well for democracy in America. Wealthy people and corporations are buying elections not by more effectively arguing for positions but simply by overwhelming the majority of people are discouraging them from bothering to get involved even enough to vote.

I have long said that WW II wasn’t won by the United States or Britain but by the business community. More than any other single factor giving the victory to the Allies was America’s ability to rapidly produce massive quantities of high quality equipment, from rifles to planes. The great power attained by our manufacturers through their superb achievements during the war propelled them and the financiers behind them into the forefront of American culture. Before long, the newly popular world of television was conquered by the advertisers. Then the world of medicine began to be run not by MDs but by MBAs. And then University professors had to fund all their research by applying for grants, most of them paid by corporations. And now even government is controlled by the Biggest Bribers.

Do not the conservatives see that Reagan and the Bushes were the creators of massive deficits? Do they not see that Reagan’s push for deregulation led to our volatile, unstable financial boom-and-bust experiences of the last 30 years?

No, they do not see reality at all.

How discouraging is that?


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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