Supreme Court and Obamacare

Once again the US Supreme Court has rejected attempts to have the Affordable Care Act declared unconstitutional. Republicans responded within minutes with vows to continue fighting it. For two reasons I am convinced that their opposition to the law has little or nothing to do with its contents.

First, they have consistently told so many falsehoods about it that it seems clear they cannot find enough actual flaws to justify their opposition. Truth doesn’t need to lie. Isn’t that a simple and sensible principle?

Second, it has been clear for decades that the overall quality of health care in America has been seriously limited by the absurd costs of that care. Rated on common international standards (e.g., infant mortality) the US isn’t even close to having the best health care system in the world. If the Republicans really were bothered by inadequacies in the Affordable Care Act, they have had more than enough time to draft better legislation. Their failure to do so belies their hypocrisy: They only know what they are against while in fact they stand for nothing. They have long since lost the moral right to complain about Obamacare.

It would be my wish that the Republicans would simply shut up until they have crafted legislative proposals that would accomplish two things. First, very careful attention would need to be paid to the transition from the ACA to whatever they propose. Simply ending Obamacare would create chaos and thereby do a great deal of harm to those who can least afford it. Second, the new system would need to be comprehensive, not simplistic. Simply “trusting the market” has long been proven to be rotten advice for the health of our people. Basic medical care is not a commodity but a fundamental right in a civilized society which supposedly has grown beyond a primitive “survival of the richest” mentality.

Conservatives in America are bringing deep moral shame upon themselves for their blind and dishonest opposition to the ACA. They have no excuse.


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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