Trump’s Trivia is Getting Old

A recent writer on the CNN website complained that the media doesn’t ask trump any policy questions. They just keep treating him as if he were a celebrity but not as if he were a candidate for the most responsible position in the world.

Yes, I agree. The press is drawn to trivialities and is betraying its own high calling. The fault is not theirs alone, however. Trump begs to be let off the hook, evading all questions of substance and getting back to his tiny handful of favorite themes: everyone else is stupid, I’m smart and I’m rich. Those petty ideas do not add up to anything whatsoever.

When asked during the debate about the many bankruptcies among Trump’s projects, his mind instantly went to a variati0n of the “I’m rich” theme. He pointed out that he has never gone bankrupt himself, only his companies.

Somehow in his tiny little worldview, he seems to think that bankrupting companies while personally profiting off the process makes him presidential material.

Would he be willing to lead the US into multiple failures, so long as he personally came out on top? Could he even do such a thing? Yes, of course, and we even know how he would do it — he’d blame somebody else. He seems quite incapable of taking responsibility. I cannot imagine Donald Trump ever saying with Harry Truman, The buck stops here.

I believe there are two reasons why Trump remains more popular among Republicans than the other candidates. First and most important, of course, is simply that many people on the Far Right feel frustrated and powerless and really like seeing Trump swinging wildly at any nose that gets within reach. But there is something else: I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard journalists interview Republicans and ask, What do you propose to do about such and such? By far the most common answer has been something like, “We will have a policy on that.” Or, “First we have to do something about this other thing.” Stalling and stalling, putting off for years the hard work of envisioning public policy. That is not leadership. But it does show that Republican voters have grown used to leaders who have no direction to lead us in and no ability to lead us.

How completely inexcusable it is, for example, that for years it has been clear that the health care industry is a major problem in America but the Republicans have put no fruitful thought into what to do about it. When they are in power, they don’t even try. That is shamefully irresponsible.


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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