Greg Gutfield on Fox News

Fox News commentator Greg Cutfield reviewed Democrat campaign ad which knocked the Republican Party for being against Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, and so on. Gutfield claimed that the ad reveals that the Democrats are totally off-base. Here is his full comment:

Now, the clever clip brings up all the areas where Republicans are evil: Obamacare, immigration, Planned Parenthood. They left out the part where, you know, we eat old people, unwed mothers, and babies.

But strip away the premise and wha’dya got? A party in dangerous denial. There’s no mention of terror. In their world all that exists are American evils to be fixed by government intrusion, identity politics, and punitive legislation. After all, why unite us against the world’s deadliest threat like Isis when you can divide us with a competition over entitled goodies

They’d rather win an election than win a war.  But it’s not their fault: How can you discuss defending a country that you’ve spent decades denigrating?

In the ad the Left reveals their fatal weakness: They can’t protect us. Instead, all they can do is appeal to immediate gratification. But the goodies won’t help when faced with apocalyptic ghouls.

So, the scariest part of this ad isn’t that they skip over a death-cult. It’s that the ad will actually work. Indulged by the sheer progress of the world’s greatest culture we are blind to the retrogression of a patent evil.

Yes, we the great ones have our free health care, our funded abortions, our sanctuary cities, but we’re a nation of ostriches. Blind to what rises from the sand, we willingly forfeit our right to exist. It was fun while it lasted.

As I read it, Gutfield sees two basic problems with the ad. First, it does not mention terrorism or ISIS. Gutfield seems to be suggesting either that every campaign ad has to mention terrorism or that no ad can mention anything other than terrorism — as if that were the only topic of importance in America. And he thinks the Democrats are in denial??? How odd.

Second, the ad touches on “entitlements,” surely one of the dirtiest words in the limited Fox News vocabulary. This is an area of genuine philosophical disagreement. the Far Right wants America to return to the early, agrarian nineteenth century with its “rugged individualism.” The Left sees government as an expression of the whole people, joining together to help one another.

The irony with the Conservative position is that it leads in exactly the opposite direction that they intend. In today’s knowledge-oriented, non-agrarian culture, if government remains minimal, a few people of wealth will exert even more power than the government could.

Today’s “rugged individualist” is the entrepreneur who creates a business. He or she then, however, grows it into a big business with no room for individualism or he/she sells it to some other big business with no room for individualism.

If you like puzzles or word games, try contemplating for a bit Gutfield’s very odd line: “Indulged by the sheer progress of the world’s greatest culture we are blind to the retrogression of a patent evil.” Somewhere in that jumble of words there may actually be an idea.

The lines above were written in December of 2015. Since that time, Trump has been elected president and has made a terrible mess of things. I have often written and now repeat my conviction that Donald Trump is a far more serious threat to America and to democracy than ISIS could ever hope to be.



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I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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