Trump: A Petty But Dangerous Hitler

There were protesters at a recent Trump rally in New England. That’s no surprise. And I’m afraid Trump;s way of dealing with them is no surprise, either. His remarks as I heard them on a video report may have been edited. I don’t know whether the following sentences were spoken all at once or were spread out over a period of time.

Trump said:

“We’ll get more and more angry as we go along. Is that okay? And by the end I’ll say, Get them the hell outta’ here. And then, by the way, by the time the security will be so tough and so nasty and you know what happens when that happens? You’re not going to have anymore problems. Did you notice, the first group the security guys are going, ‘Oh, please come with us.’ And they’re screaming. ‘Please come.’ And the second group. . . Now, the last group, they’re starting to get nasty. Pretty soon they’re gonna’ get so nasty that we’re not going to have any more protesting. You know that.” [Crowd is cheering as protesters are taken out.]

Trump continues: “Don’t give ‘en his coat. Don’t give him his coat. Keep his coat. Confiscate his coat. You know, it’s about ten degrees below zero outside.”

A person who can only lead by intimidation is profoundly petty and completely incompetent to lead.

I know there is a lot of anger at government in America because Washington has been dysfunctional. But you’d think these angry people would recognize, first, that it is the Far Right which has caused the gridlock and, second, that following petty bullies and angry tyrants will only make things worse.

Are the lessons of Nazi Germany completely lost on Trumps followers? Perhaps so. I suspect they simply don’t know enough to recognize that they are asking history to repeat itself in a very awful way.


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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