Trump’s Immeasurable Ignorance

No one has an excuse for being so ignorant as to say, “I think Islam hates us.”  No one has an excuse for being that bigoted and racist. There is no excuse whatsoever.

Even worse, no one who is trying to become leader of the United States has an excuse for doing so very much damage with his ignorance. It is just beyond comprehension that a sane person — let alone a person who broadcasts so widely how intelligent he is — could say such such stupid, such genuinely stupid things. . .especially while being so critical of everyone else for being stupid.

We have known all along that Trump is profoundly ignorant of other nations and cultures but how in the world can he fail to notice that there is a huge population of Muslim Americans?

The shame is not his alone. The Republican party is reaping what it has sown these past several years, fostering hate and racism and incredible self-righteousness.

And we have to believe that there is no excuse for thousands of Americans to say they are supporters of Trump. Trump is trapped in ignorance. He is bloated with hubris. He is a shameless manipulator. His emotional maturity is an embarrassment to adulthood. He claims to be a unifier while going out of his way to be offensive to as many people as possible. He boasts about telling the truth when all he can do is blurt out whatever thought is at the top of his head at the moment. He brags about being a good business man because, among other feats, he can make millions of dollars while bankrupting companies and causing many others to lose their investments. He is an intimidator of others yet a sissy who cannot bear criticism himself. He promises to make America great again even while doing our nation tremendous damage both at home and abroad.

Donald Trump is rapidly becoming an enemy of everything good about America.

My views are not based on some difference between Trump’s political philosophy and mine. In the first place, he has no political philosophy whatsoever. Just as importantly, I believe the secret to long-term health is that we maintain a creative tension between political views of the right and left. Trump, however, is not a political figure but simply a tyrant In a similar way, he is not a moral figure, completely lacking any traceable ethical dimension at all.

For years I have been saying that one sign of America’s greatness is that even someone as unqualified at Trump can dream of being president but America’s weakness is that there are people who take him seriously. Shame on us.



About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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