Disgust Might Slip into Fear

Trump has fostered violence. For every time he says he does not condone violence, there must be 20 or more times when he has overtly, blatantly encouraged it. One of the most offensive of his statements has been his idea that, if he does not get the nomination, there might be riots. When a gang leader says something like that, the enslaved gang members hear it as a command.

Now we’re taking another step toward truly ugly and potentially disastrous violence: There is a petition going the rounds and rapidly gaining signatures, demanding that the Republican convention allow concealed weapons by all the participants.

Many of us have been saying for months that Trump is a seriously dangerous person, very much in the pattern of Hitler, but now we are moving beyond what we’ve all hoped would be the limits of the dangers Trump poses. Trump and his supporters are willing to take the presidency by force if they can’t get it by democracy.

This is all part of a common theme these past few years. Conservatives want to return America to the 19th century. They oppose everything Lincoln stood for. They want to revive the Civil War. They want to return us to a time when the gunslingers ruled the towns of the west. They are simply overwhelmed by the 20th century and utterly bewildered by the 21st.

Like all bullies, Donald Trump is a long-proven loser, filled with loud bravado that is all bluff. He is so conscious of being “smart” that he doesn’t seem to notice his awful ignorance. He simply doesn’t know much of anything about anything. That may be why he is so attractive to people who feel powerless and afraid. “He’s one of us but he at least shouts back. Hooray for Trump!”

Most people have been disgusted by Trump all along. Now we may have to start fearing that the violence he fosters may very well be far worse than what any terrorists can do to us.


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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