Is Trump trying to Self-Destruct?

It’s a question we have to ask. Since his mouth is spewing ever-increasing vitriol and more and more genuinely stupid remarks, we have to wonder whether he has decided that he must choose between getting out of the race by admitting he is not fit for the office of president or by making himself more and more repulsive. He hates to admit he could be wrong in any way to any degree, so  it must be the case that he is trying to make more people reject him.

Even with his out of control ego, he surely knows he would be a serious threat to America as president.He once said that he would become “more presidential” after he secured the nomination. Well, now it is clear he simply cannot raise his mentality and style beyond that of pro wrestling. He does not have any options other than pushing harder in the one direction he knows: intimidation. And intimidation is a very, very cheap imitation of leadership.

Now he is emphasizing his attacks on the federal judge in one of the class action lawsuits against his “Trump University” scam. He is publicly proclaiming the judge to be a Trump-hater because he is Mexican. Quite aside from the blatant, ridiculous racism, it is totally inexcusable for a defendant to intimidate the judge whom he fears. I assume — and hope — Trump will soon be declared to be in contempt of court. What a terrible example he is.

If Trump truly believed Judge Curiel were biased, there are legal ways to address the matter. Trump, however, prefers his bullying to be public, where he thinks someone may listen to him. He knows that his rants are completely baseless, providing him with no legal standing at all.

Beyond that, one has to ask what kind of sign this is. If Trump were to be president, with far more power than he now has, what would he do to any judge he did not like, any civil servant who spoke against him, any general who refused to violate international law to satisfy Trump’s petulance?

Trump loved his line, “You’re fired.” It was harmless enough in a silly little TV show but it did reveal something of Trump’s character: He truly enjoys hurting people who displease him.

Can those millions of Americans who claim to like Trump not see the very obvious fact that he is the perfect picture of a tyrant? They want to empower such a man? Shame on America. Shame on America.



About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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3 Responses to Is Trump trying to Self-Destruct?

  1. Trump’s will to harm others makes him the perfect GOP candidate. For decades, scapegoating has been the principle strategy of the GOP in every major national election. Now they have someone who does that full time.

    • mthayes42 says:

      It is an amazing thing to watch: Trump embodies all the worst in recent Republican politics while believing in almost no part of the Republican positions. I am convinced that Trump’s racism is exposing and exploiting the emotional remnants of the Civil War. Racism has been smoldering in the American story for a long, long time and the Republicans have given it safe harbor. Now its ugliness is coming front and center again. And it is as ugly as ever.

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