McConnell on trump’s racism

Three times NBC’s Chuck Todd asked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell whether trump’s complaints abut Judge Curiel are racist. Three times, with a perfectly straight face, McConnell said he disagrees with trump’s statements. Talk about cowardice!

Think of what this means. The Republican candidate is saying outrageous things, clearly and unequivocally racist, and one of the most powerful Republican leaders in the country has not the courage to condemn him for it. trump puts his “fellow” Republicans in such awkward, indefensible positions that they cannot give a straight answer to a very simple and very easy questions.

If trump is bringing such shame to his own party, what would he do for America?

Knowing that no responsible Republican can go along with him, trump says they should just shut up and let him do it alone. How can anyone in America doubt that trump’s modus operandi is that of a tyrant? He is a profound enemy of America and of democracy. He is our enemy.


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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