Democrats and Republicans Race to the Bottom

If you’ve glanced at any of my blog entries for the last several months, you know I am thoroughly disgusted with the Republican Party and consider trump to be a force for evil. It is the fault of the Republicans that their candidate is a perfect portrait of a tyrant, lacking only the power to enact the mean-spirited, manipulative domination he seeks.

My utter disgust with the Republicans and their candidate, however, does not mean that I see the Democrats as the knights in shining armor fighting to save America. While I do think they have far nobler aims than a trump can even imagine, their way of playing the political game is no more honorable than that of their opponents.

It is to their shame that they were doing exactly as Sanders kept claiming, rigging the process in favor of Hillary. And it doubles their shame that it took Wikileaks to expose them.

What the situation in America cries out for a return of a values-system devoted to personal character. Capitalism is not a public ethic — It has become nothing more than a celebration of greed. Democracy, a wonderful ideal, haws been sold to the highest bidders. But the real problem is that voters, apparently poorly educated and only feebly in touch with any sort of wisdom, keep electing the kind of people who perpetuate all the worst.

Yes, I know trump supporters think he is the one to make a change. That only reveals how incredibly misguided and misinformed they are. When trump blurts thoughtless nonsense from the top of his head, they mistake that for honesty and truth. When trump names his scapegoats, the people he will punish for “harming” America, his supporters think he is talking about security. When he calls people names in his terribly juvenile way, they cheer at seeing people get socked in the figurative nose. When he brags about being rich, they ignore all the people who have been cheated out of money so that he could line his own pockets. When he brags about being smart, inexplicably they actually believe him, though he proves over and over again that he is nothing but a fool.

In this election cycle, there is little we the voters can do other than make sure that we don’t empower a would-be dictator. The real work is to begin raising up candidates who demonstrate good character, and that means each of us working to create a society in which character issues are prominent. Integrity, humility, wisdom — We have lost these to our own detriment. And now we are paying a great price for it, a very great price.



About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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