Trump Shows His Age

Many of the speakers at the Democratic National Convention were harshly critical of trump, as might be expected. And he rose to the bait, as might be expected. What is amazing to me, even after watching trump closely for all these months, is that his response is so childish.

Challenged for being so ignorant of the things he talks about, for being belligerent instead of thoughtful, reactionary instead of intentional, trump’s only response is to call the speakers liars and to say he wants to hit them so hard their heads spin. Surely by the time a normal person is in Jr Hi he or she is expected to be more sensible than that. Just how old is trump, emotionally? Is he yet ready to graduate from the third grade? the fourth grade? Or is he more like the toddler who reflexively strikes back when another little kid grabs a toy from him?

Whatever age you assign to his emotional maturity, you do have to admit he is not ready for the sixth or seventh grade, right?

It takes amazing gall for him to call Clinton crooked, given his own business record. But there may be a clue in his childish name-calling. He is hyper-sensitive to criticism, perhaps because he knows he is so very vulnerable to a great deal of severe condemnation. There is no doubt that he has been not a successful businessman but a rich crook. He has used whatever power he could to intimidate and harm anyone he dislikes. People who do business with him tend to lose lots of money, while he brags about making millions even off his bankruptcies. He uses his bank of lawyers like hitmen and the law as if it were a giant club with which he can clobber any who get in his way. I wonder how many meaningless “cease and desist” letters his lawyers have sent to intimidate people? Dozens or hundreds or thousands?

What does his popularity say about America? Just this: We have a very great number of adults who have not yet grown up.


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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