Something’s Wrong: What Is It?

The Democrats and Republicans are putting out descriptions of America that seem mutually exclusive. The Democrats, noting all the positive signs in our society — and undoubtedly taking into account Obama’s 51% approval rating — are portraying an America which is essentially healthy with some problems to be worked on. The Republicans now and for the last eight years have been telling us that we are on the verge of a total collapse.

After the President’s speech at the DNC a few days ago, Bill O’Reilly showed a clip of Obama pointing out that, far from the idea that our streets are filled with crime, the actual crime rate is much lower than it was in the 80s, the 90s, or even eight years ago.

Here is the core of O’Reilly’s response, which was delivered with solemn assertions that this was the truth with no spin:

“Talking Points is in business to put forth the truth, so here it is. According to an average of polling by RealClearPolitics 69% of Americans are unhappy with the direction of their country. Just 23% are pleased with the present condition of the USA. That is a direct repudiation of President Obama’s point of view. Because if we’re all safer, as he says, and the economy is fine, why would the folks feel the country is on the wrong track? Why? The perception problem is two fold. Americans believe that a stagnant economy is making it very difficult for workers to increase their salaries. And that’s true. The majority of Americans also believe that disorder, disorder, both at home and around the world, is putting them in actual danger. Donald trump has capitalized on those sentiments, saying he will make things better.”

As one of the 69% who is dissatisfied, I’m very interested when O’Reilly asks why folks feel we’re on the wrong track. His answer is that the economy is stagnant and that we’re in danger from disorder at home and abroad. Neither of those is near the top of my list of reasons for being dissatisfied. Far and above all else, I am convinced that America is being severely harmed by the Far Right. We are abusing the earth, allowing greed to dominate our values, returning to the twin evils of states’ rights (long used to cover awful sins) and slavery, now in the form of blatant racism.

And we have a major political party, backed up by a whole cable TV network, not only embodying those evils but shouting them at us day in and day out. Their negativity is toxic and has so weakened America that an incredibly incompetent, immoral, thoughtless man like trump is a viable candidate for the presidency.

George Will was exactly right in saying — as he left the Republican party — that the party should give up on the presidency for this term and just wait another four years. One does not have to be a big fan of Hillary Clinton to see that trump would not be just a poor president but would do very serious damage to our country and to our relations with other nations around the globe.

He thinks precisely like a tyrant and differs from other tyrants only in that he does not yet have the power to enforce his brutal will on people. he certainly has tried to do so over the years, using his bank of lawyers to intimidate and coerce others whenever possible and to evade responsibilities as much as possible. He is pro-Russian, has longtime ties with mobsters in the US, uses bankruptcy laws to evade paying his debts. . .and then boasts about making great sums of money off every bankruptcy.

His greatest bankruptcy is his obvious lack of soul. And that is very serious.



About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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