The trumpies Have a New Bone to Pick

President Obama, knowing how fundamental to our nation is freedom of speech, said NFL quarterback Kaepernick has the right to sit during the singing of the national anthem. Obama refuses to let conservative Political Correctness nullify the Constitution. Good for Obama!

The trumpies, on the other hand, more concerned with mindless, blind shows of patriotism than with the Constitution or with freedom of speech, have criticized both Kaepernick and Obama.

It is utterly amazing that anyone in America would think for a single moment that trump will Make America Great Again. What kind of gullibility does it take to be blind to trump? How can anyone possibly think trump cares one whit about our Constitution?

It is no coincidence, of course, that Kaepernick is protesting American racism, that very racism which trump is encouraging.


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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