Deplorable trumpies?

Clinton said that you can take half of trump’s supporters are deplorable. She is being roundly criticized for her rudeness.

The very last person in the world who has a moral excuse for criticizing her is trump himself. He has behaved in a deplorably nasty, insulting manner every day, not just since the awful announcement of his candidacy but for decades before that. No one can have failed to notice that in trump’s life there are people who idolize him and there are people who despise him — but there is no one in between because he will not allow that. He demands that people not hold him accountable (not even God, who does indeed hold him accountable). If they refuse or even criticize him, he feels not just justified but somehow obligated to hurt them worse than they have hurt him. That’s the way tyrants always are and it is always a sign of deep, deep insecurity.

The problem that frustrates Clinton, to put the matter in one of a hundred possible ways, is that this campaign is not a competition between two (or four) people running for president. It cannot be said that trump is running for president at all. Listening to his latest round of praise for Putin, we hear just another of many signs that trump wants very much to be a dictator. He expects that people will obey him and bow to him as “president” that way they have to trump-the-cutthroat-businessman.

He has been an immoral businessman because of the way he has treated people and he would change nothing  about his style of “leadership” were he to be elected. He doesn’t want to change and has shown repeatedly that he has only one style. He may be a phony for awhile when he finally believes he is losing, but he still shows his true colors almost every day.

Whether or not trump’s supporters are deplorable, this much is indisputable: The are incredibly naive suckers. And that makes them dangerous, very dangerous indeed.


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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