trump, You’re Fired. . .at last

The surprise of the week is that so many people are acting surprised that trump is a lewd sexist. Surely there is no rotten thing about his character that should come as a surprise to anyone. He is a man without character, without morals, without a conscience. that has been abundantly obvious all along.

He is and always has been a spoiled brat who grew up thinking he was the center of the universe. That’s why he can say such absurd things as that he alone can fix the economy (because he has long cheated the system), that he alone can fix government corruption (because he has long been a corrupter of politicians), that he knows more abut Iraq than do the generals (because he went to a military boarding school after making a mess of his high school years).

And it is why he refuses to learn anything, to read, to reflect: He thinks his current knowledge is not only greater than everyone else’s but is so important that no one else’s knowledge even matters.

So he is filthy inside. Of course. How could we expect otherwise of a man totally centered upon himself as the standard by which all others — including God — are to be measured?

It is a horrible, inexcusable thing that so many Christians have approved of trump. Have we forgotten the most basic dimension of sin, which is the supplanting of God with self? No Christian has a right to support and vote for an avowed enemy of our Lord.

One crucial lesson about dealing with addicts: Never pay any attention to an apology that is not verified by signs of genuine repentance. trump has spent decades bragging about his conquests of women. No one should pay any attention to his slight apology unless we see signs that some sort of real repentance has changed his heart. And no one who has been watching trump this past year should expect that repentance to come anytime soon. He is truly addicted to himself.


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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