“You always want to go by what’s come out of his mouth,” says Kellyanne Conway, as if it makes no sense to pay attention when trump makes no sense. I agree with her: Nothing is to be gained by paying any attention to what trump says. He is utterly irresponsible in what he says or tweets.Completely absent from his character is any sense of being accountable for his own words. That, of course, is a terribly damning thing to have to say about the one who is about to become the most responsible man on the planet, second only to the Pope.

Conway says that, while ignoring his words, we should “look at what’s in his heart.” I’m not sure just how we are supposed to do that but, based on what evidence we have seen so far, his heart is far, far more corrupt than his filthy mouth.

Yet this approach has been central to the many times trump’s supporters have had to defend his nonsense: Reporters are supposed to filter out the junk which trump himself is incapable of filtering. In other words, trumpies believe we are more responsible for what we choose to hear or ignore than trump is for what he says or writes.

When Conway and the others say such things, they do not seem conscious of what a terrible condemnation of trump they are expressing. Just as serious is that trump’s supporters continue to hear disgusting revelations from or about trump and cry out, “That’s great!”

Jesus Christ recognized that there is an unforgivable sin. His critics, looking at the good he was teaching and doing, claimed it was all the work of the devil. When people call good things bad — or bad things good — they are locked into their own sin and will reject even the good gift of forgiveness.

Trumpies are just as hard-hearted as were Jesus’ enemies. They hear truth and call it a lie. They hear trump’s innumerable lies and call it all truth. Few of them, I fear, will ever be able to repent.


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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