Trump Continues to Lie

Okay, okay, I know I’ve said I’ll stop complaining about Trump (and I’ve even begun capitalizing hi name), but to my own surprise I’m surprised at how bad he has continued to be. I didn’t think my disrespect for him could grow any stronger but in fact the last three days have made him him more disgusting than ever.

First there was the inauguration speech. He spent the first several minutes rehashing his old insults to America, telling us how awful we are and how terrible our leaders have been. Which leaders? All those sitting around him at the time. What a needlessly discourteous way to begin celebrating one’s presidency.No, discourteous isn’t strong enough word. Trump was simply mean-spirited. And then his supporters had the gall to say it was a wonderful, inspiring call to unity.

Second, there was the ridiculous, extremely petty argument about crowd size. The Press Secretary’s willingness to make very obviously false claims about how big the crowd was simply demonstrated Trump’s actual belief that he can make something true simply by manipulating reality to suit himself. Conway’s explanation that Spicer was merely providing “alternative facts” should have been humiliating for all Trump supporters. Clearly, Trump is not “alt-right” but “alt-reality.” This is a sign of serious mental derangement.

Third, there is the amazing hypocrisy of the Trump team pretending to be deeply offended by the mistaken report by one reporter that a bust of MLK had been removed from the Oval Office. The reporter, quickly realizing his error, immediately sent out a correction and apology. In light of the hundreds of bald faced lies Trump has told, with never a correction or apology, no one on his team has the moral right to be critical of the reporter.

Fourth, there is Trump’s reckless rush to sign Executive Orders. After all the complaining over Obama’s Executive Orders (which were fewer in number and frequency than almost any modern president), it is amazing but not surprising that Trump is in such a hurry to take over and issue such orders himself. It is especially troubling since some of those orders (such as the XL Pipeline) are worthy of serious thought. We can be very sure, however, that serious thought is going to be a rare commodity in the White House during the next few years. Trump has a serious Attention Deficit Disorder which is going to cause him to blunder into countless ill-considered and costly decisions.

Fifth, there is Trump’s irrational, delusional assertion that he actually won the popular vote and that it only appears he lost because of the 3 million illegal ballots that were cast. This conviction on his part arises from no part of reality but instead from his extremely petty little image of himself. He is like a little kid arguing that he is not four years old but four and a half. It’s cute in a child but deeply disturbing in the president of the United States. In bragging about how big a boy he is, Trump just keeps proving over and over again what a very little child he is.

Because Trump is not able to perceive reality or speak truth, and because his entire team seems to be drawn into his deceitful ways, we who recognize his wickedness must be very thoughtful about how to respond. I do not believe we can sway Trump on any issue because we cannot penetrate his make-believe world. Reality and reason are not part of that world. Rather, it is necessary for us to seek first to influence the Congress and second to make sure we do a far better job of offering sound candidates for state and national offices in two years.


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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2 Responses to Trump Continues to Lie

  1. I don’t consider your posts to be “complaining” about Predator Trump. We must call him and his administration on every lie. As soon as we start accepting his lies and “alternate facts” as “that’s just the way things are now,” we will be abandoning integrity for expedience and surrendering to tyranny. Thanks for continuing to speak truth to power.

    • mthayes42 says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, Donna. It looks like we’ll have to be waiting a bit longer for that promised pivot to being presidential, eh? Trump tyrannical tendencies (wow, what a book title!) are as bad as r worse than we feared.

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