Trump’s Preference for Irresponsibility

I have noted in several past entries that Trump does not like to be held responsible for the things he says. In fact, irresponsibility is one of the key markers of his character.

In the past few days we have seen that he sees irresponsibility as an umbrella that also covers his team. Conway will not be disciplined for plugging Ivanka’s products because she spoke “inadvertently.” And Sessions did nothing wrong because he merely wasn’t “accurate” when he lied to the confirmation committee.

In effect, then, Trump refuses to hold his team accountable for their words.

Another observation about Trump and his team: Have you noticed the kinds of criticisms they voice about their critics? The man who spent five years promoting the birther nonsense and claims that 3-5 million illegal voters voted for Clinton and that his inauguration crowd was the biggest ever, this man says the press is “losing its grip on reality.” The man who, asked about anti-Semitism, responds that his was a great victory in November and continues to complain about Clinton winning the popular vote, this man says the Democrats simply can’t let the election be finished business.

These observations are important because they suggest a pri9nciple of human behavior: We are often most critical of others in the very areas where we feel most guilty or insecure ourselves. Trump proves that principle every day, so all we have to do to know whats wrong with him is listen to his criticisms of others and turn them back on him.

Irresponsibility is a sign of immaturity. A president who cannot say, “The buck stops here,” is simply too childish to be a leader. In the Bible’s letter of Paul to the Christians in Ephesus (in modern Turkey), it says that we grow up by “speaking the truth in love.” trump’s inability to limit his speech to truth has a great deal to do with his inability to grow up.


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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