The Barbarians Have Come!

We have all been dismayed by the barbarians of ISIS, clearly the enemies of any culture other than their own. The incredible self-righteousness that some religious attitudes convey can be extremely threatening to all civilization.

We in the West are not immune to the danger even within our own cultures, though none are so bad as is ISIS. Based on what we are learning about Trump’s budget proposal, it appears so far that we may have elected a barbarian as our president. So far his track record is very, very poor and the budget proposal makes his presidency look worse than ever.

Think of that record: Instead of draining the swamp, he has made it far, far worse. Instead of standing in the way of Goldman Sachs as he repeatedly promised, he has turned over large chunks of the government to Goldman Sachs.He repeatedly makes blatant mockery of the truth: biggest crowd ever at his inauguration; 3-5 million illegal votes cast for Clinton, Obama was not only born in Africa but ended his presidency wiretapping Trump tower.

His budget proposal reflects an absolutely amazing degree of selfishness. He is not making America great, just the greatest imaginable example of selfishness. No one in the world, neither here nor anywhere else, can count on America for help anymore. We won’t help desperate refugees or hungry people in our own land. We won’t take the lead in minimizing climate change. We won’t support the UN . We won’ protect anyone from Russian aggression.

What shame he is bringing to our people! What terrible shame.

May I urge you to study a passage of Scripture with Trump in mind? Compare him and his budget proposal to the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:31-46. Read it carefully and often until you gain some sense of what the Kingdom of God is like. And then ask yourself whether Trump is at home in or at odds with the way God’s Kingdom operates.

It is my firm conviction that Trump is a serious enemy of America, an ignorant threat to democracy, and an active opponent of the Kingdom of God.


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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