More of Trump’s Hypocrisy

During Obama’s tenure, Trump frequently tweeted that we should stay out of Syria, blaming Obama for even considering sending troops and for asking congressional authorization to do so. Congress failed to act on Obama’s request, leaving him hogtied.

Now, without consulting Congress and without offering even so much as a press release, Trump is sending more and more soldiers to Syria. And, to add to his lack of integrity, he is blaming Obama’s softness for the recent poison gas attack in Syria.

Do you see how Trump’s lack of integrity makes him a dangerous leader?

Let’s think about it theologically for a moment. Christians/Jews/Muslims recognize that, apart from the righteousness of God, our ultimate Judge, there is no reason to count on anything in the universe. What does it mean to say God is righteous? It doesn’t mean he lives by the rules for he himself is the rule maker. To say that God is righteous means simply that he is characterized by an unbreakable integrity — he is true always to himself. His word, therefore, is always true and absolutely reliable.

A US president, contrary to what Trump seems to think, is not a god but he is in an extremely responsible position. If he lacks integrity, then justice (a biblical synonym for righteousness) in America is unreliable.

Our fundamental American values are freedom, equality, and justice. If any one of those is threatened, the other two are also in danger. Thus, Trump’s lack of integrity is a serious threat to all that makes America great.

I suppose that means that the clearest and most common demonstration of Trump’s hypocrisy is his silly hat: “Make America Great Again.” In his withered soul, that means nothing more than “make America rich.” How far, how very far, he is pulling us down from our lofty ideals.

have I said it enough yet? No, I’d better say it one more time: Donald Trump is a far more serious threat to America and to democracy than ISIS could ever hope to be. He is America’s number one enemy.


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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