The 97th Day

Over and over candidate Trump told us to imagine what he could accomplish in his first 100 days. It was an ambitious list but now it has become more amazing than we could have dreamed. He wasted his first 96 days and now has only four days left to meet his goals. Wow! That’s like giving somebody a 9 1/2 minute headstart in a ten minute race.

His problems, of course, are multiple. First, he simply had no idea what he was talking about. He had no clue what it means to be president in a democracy. His ignorance led him into 97 days of sheer incompetence. His one “victory” (Gorsuch to the Supreme Court) required what every little kid knows to be cheating: changing the rules in the middle of the game.

Second, it seems — incredibly — that he actually believed his own nonsense about having won a landslide victory on November 8. In fact, he started in a very weak position with very little popular support. Congress has had little motivation to appease what nearly every Senator and Representative knows to be a series of foolish positions and propositions.

Third, his lack of ability to comprehend consequences has led him into a number of sure-to-fail decisions because he cannot grasp that every project requires a series of steps, each leading to the next. He pushed “repeal and replace” prematurely, not realizing that the concept had to be agreed upon by his own party, then formulated into a bill, then shepherded through Congress. He simply had no idea that it is insufficient merely to announce his will and assume everyone n Washington would say Yes.

Fourth, he seems unable to recognize that, while many people are fascinated by his quirks, there are in fact very few people who like him and even fewer who respect him. As a businessman, he was a crook and is the only person who does not consider that a serious flaw. As a person, he is unable to distinguish between truth and falsehood. As a leader, he totally confuses arbitrary fiats with leadership. He only knows how to destroy, not build a society, as we see in his actions in regard to the health of Planet Earth.

Trump is morally corrupt, flagrantly negligent of constitutional and democratic values, as selfish and greedy as ever, thoughtless, profoundly ignorant, and very, very immature.

And none of these considerations even touch the most serious matter, the fact that he is in some way and to some degree selling America to Russia. Donald Trump is a traitor, though we do not yet know the details. It cannot possibly be a mere coincidence that he has surrounded himself with people in active but secretive contact with Russian business and government leaders, that he has failed utterly to speak out with integrity in protest of the new level of bold cyber-aggression being shown by Putin.

Can he fix in three days the messes he has already created? Of course not. Can he get started on “making “America great again”? Of course not. Can he even conceive of what American greatness might be? Of course not.


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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