Trump’s Most Fierce Critic

Trump’s most fierce critic is Trump himself. Watch this video from comedian Seth Myers. It is nothing unusual, just another of the many times people have quoted Trump from the campaign trail to show what incredible, immeasurable hypocrisy marks the character of our president.

The internet was filled with criticism of Obama during his time in office. Far more often than not, the criticisms were blatant, outright lies. Bush, too, had problems with people using the Net to make fun of him. The difference was that most of the notes and videos were nothing more than quotes of Bush’s actual words. People tried to make Obama look like a fool but they failed. People let Bush make a fool of himself and it makes for great humor now in hindsight.

But with Trump, there’s not much humor. He isn’t merely an inarticulate man like Bush. He is a deliberate liar with no sign whatsoever that he values truth to any degree. He gripes all the time about the “fake news,” but what he really means is that he is scared of all the revelations that journalists are finding and exposing.

Trump’s criticisms of Obama, all of which are boomeranging back on him because he is more guilty of Obama’s faults than Obama ever was, are intriguing and show his hypocrisy. Seth Myers does a good job of letting Trump be his own most fierce critic, though Trump lacks the insight and integrity to recognize that he is a sucker for the ancient temptation to criticize most harshly in others the sins you fear in yourself.

More serious, however, is his incompetence, his corruption, and the Russian slime that covers him and several of his associates. It is my conviction that we already have enough evidence to justify putting Trump on trial as a traitor against the United States. No president has ever sunk so low. . .


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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