Republican Alternative Reality Excludes Democracy

One can look  practically any single day in the last twelve months and find plenty of evidence that the Republican party — not just Trump — is in a severe disconnect from reality.

Today on Tucker Carlson (Fox News) some Republican hack revealed again that the party has simply lost sight of the fact that the United States is a democracy. There is no evidence in the following quote — or in anything else emanating from Republican leaders and spokesperson — that democracy and America’s first principles even register in Republican thinking these days.

Here is the astonishing quote:

Senators Collins, Murkowski, and McCain failed the Republican party, failed Republicans across the country, and failed the president last week when they voted against that bill. And whether they understand it or not, it was a failure on their part, a failure of character on their part, to vote correctly. Look, the entire party for eight years has been running on this issue, has been running on repealing and replacing. And these three decide that their interests are more important than the president’s. I think it was a selfish move.

I have a few comments. . .

First, notice that the fellow’s complaint is that the party and the president were failed by the three Senators who doomed the health care proposals of the Republican leadership. I would ask, Did they fail America? Did they fail democracy? Nope, the just failed the party and the president. Hooray for them!

Second, he calls it a failure of character on their part. What an absurd thing to say! No one defending Trump has the right to question the character of anyone else. Trump is devoid of character and morality. He is nothing more than a con man. I cannot grasp how anyone can fail to admit that.

Third, if voting in the interests of the state one represents is a failure of character, then we have to go back and create a new constitution, one that grants dictatorial powers to the president.

Fourth, he says they put their own interests ahead of the president’s. Since when in America has it been considered appropriate to serve the president more than the country? Only dictators and tyrants demand unquestioning authority.

Three Senators show some backbone and resist the ridiculous sham of a “bill” put forward by the Republican leadership and this fellow calls that a failure. Three out of 52 Republican Senators voted with integrity. All America should be applauding them heartily. I certainly do.


About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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