Absolute Power? In a Democracy?

Donald Trump says he has absolute power to do whatever he wants with the Department of Justice. Such incredibly chilling words! I am horrified to live in what was once the world’s best example of democracy but that now tolerates a petty dictator in office.

rarely does a day go by — and I do mean that literally — when he does not prove that he has no appreciation for democracy. In fact, he has no comprehension of what a democracy is.

They excused Hitler when he did one or two things right. They overlooked the obvious fact that he was evil. As one German put it to a friend of mine, “Crime was down and jobs could be found again. How could we not like Hitler?”

Christians look Trump i the eye and do not perceive the spirit of the AntiChrist? Unbelievable. Politicians look at his utter incompetence and rush to outdo one another in heaping ridiculous praise on him. Economists try to find some good possibilities i his economic moves.

Meanwhile the great majority of Americans, that large percentage who do recognize him, are simply ignored from the White House. Trump can look at his 35% approval rating and declare everybody likes him. His severe narcissism blinds him to all truth and reality.

I always tended to ignore him when he claims everybody agrees with him. Now I realize that everybody whom he can hear agrees with him. He simply is incapable of hearing anyone else.

And having heard several iterations of his “absolute power” idea, I’ve been wondering where he gets such ideas. Yes, I know, he has always been a petty tyrant but somehow he is being reinforced in these inclinations.

Who is responsible for the terrible and disgusting legal and political advice he seems to be getting? Well, Bannon would have been the first to come to mind but he is now gone. And my mind goes back a few months to a few interviews with Steve Miller, a behind-the-scenes adviser. Wanna’ feel a real chill in your spine? Watch this.

About mthayes42

I am a retired pastor, interested in the Bible, cross-cultural ministries, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and the current and past history of western civilization.
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